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SAR Sitteplate

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Gjør langvarig fritthengende arbeid behagelig.

Sitteplaten gir ikke noen sikring, men brukes sammen med godkjente seler. En sitter svært behagelig og kan arbeide effektivt.
Enkel tilkobling og justering. 

Our Access Seat has been designed to give the user extra comfort when working on rope. You use it by adjust the straps so that the load is taken from the leg loops and put onto the seat. It features two gear rings on each side of the seat.

It seat attaches to the karabiner on the waist connection point on your harness. It is manufactured using heavy duty PVC and strong polyester straps, the stiffness comes from a polypropylene base with closed cell foam padding that is added to the seat for extra comfort for the user.


  • Material: PVC & Polypropylene
  • Weight: 2.15kg